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“She is without doubt destined for a brilliant singing career.” 
~Canberra Critics Circle

“Man darf ihr ohne weiteres eine grosse Karriere prophezeien.”

~Online Merker

Welcome Video ;-)

🎬Welcome Video:

~Most beautiful thing about performing is when you see other people after your performance happy, telling you that they got something through your voice and the music you sang...something that you can’t really describe, something for the heart.❤️


~In any kind of role on stage, but privately myself - Jerica.☀️


~So many amazing singers out there (vocally, technically etc.), one needs something extra (something personal) to be recognized.🍀


~The voice is only one...Sometimes we wish, we could use one voce only for singing and then change to another voice for daily activities, but unfortunately it is not possible to replace our instrument (like instrumentalists can), we use our instrument even when we’re not singing.🏆


~The day of performance - going to park, going for a walk, thinking about the performance repertoire and listening it...a bit later doing the make up, hairstyle...and then I should be ready. ... And of course🙈😅 - warming up the voice!!...the most important thing to do before you sing🎶💞

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